Newlands (formally Battlesbridge Mills) is a  family run business in Battlesbridge, Essex. Set on the Nursery site which was founded  just after the Second World War.

What we do?

Top quality dog and cat food.

It’s as simple as that. Over the years we’ve brought in some of the best dog and cat foods in the world. Our pets are part of our family and we think they should be fed as such. The pet food industry has a history of reducing quality and raising prices. But if you look hard enough (which we have) you can find businesses both big and small who are determined to produce quality diets which don’t just help our pets survive, they help them thrive.

It's always been a family run business

It’s always been a family run business.


What dog and cat food do you sell?

We stock one of the largest ranges of raw food in Essex and have a freezer room for storage and over 11 freezers to keep up with demand. As well as raw dog food we also stock a large selection of grain free, high meat dry foods. These are all from companies which have taken the time and care to produce excellent products. We’re proud to offer all of the brands which meet our expectations which include: Albion, Nature’s Menu, Benyfit Natural, Cotswold Raw, Orijen, Acana, Canidae, Simpsons Premium and many more!

Are you all about food? Do you have any treats and toys?

Yes, plenty!

As you’d expect, all of the treats we recommend are healthier alternatives to many other treats. Treating your dog doesn’t have to be bad for them and we have a large selection of healthy treats. Dog treats are an important part of their diet. They’re good for training and strengthening the bond between you and your dog. So getting treats that are healthy for your dog is important.

When it comes to toys, leads, harnesses and beds we offer a large selection from leading manufactures you can trust.


The Meadow

You can just see one of the first greenhouses on the site. The pet shop is now just the other side. The meadow was grown for cut flowers.


Doug Lodge

Doug Lodge pulling a grandson around the Nursery. We still have the trolley!