Forthglade Just 90% Meat Recipes

We’re now stocking Forthglade Just 90% recipes. These grain free, complimentary wet foods as the name suggests are 90% meat!

Packed with high quality meat which is steamed slowly and at a low temperature to retain all the meat’s natural goodness.

Just 90% is designed to help you tailor mealtimes for your dog by mixing with a good quality dry food or used as a tasty topper for mixed vegetables. Just add to a good quality mixer biscuit for a healthy, balanced and tasty meal!

Forthglade Just 90% Lamb

Forthglade Just 90% Lamb

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Hurtta Casual Quilted Padded Coats, & Harnesses

Our new range of Hurtta Casual Quilted Jackets, Overalls and Y Harnesses are perfect for keeping your dog warm and visible in the upcoming Winter.

These soft, pliable coats are designed to protect your dog’s most important muscle groups, the neck and chest area.

The water and dirt repellent surface material is silent in use and covered in highly visible reflectors keeping your dog safe as well as warm!

Hurtta Casual Quilted Jacket Heather

Hurtta Casual Quilted Jacket

Hurtta Casual Quilted Overall River

Hurtta Casual Quilted Overall

Hurtta Casual Y-Harness Lingon

Hurtta Casual Y-Harness

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New Billy + Margot Treats & Chew

Dogs have a natural desire to chew things, they literally love it. When dogs chew it releases endorphins and other hormones related to happiness.

Giving dogs something healthy and natural to chew on is one of the best ways you can keep your four legged friend happy. It also has the added benefit of strengthening their gums, and cleaning their teeth.

These new treats from Billy + Margot are 100% air dried, natural meat which dogs just can’t get enough of. Their great for giving your dog something to sink their teeth into as a treat or reward.

Billy + Margot Venison Chew Sticks

Billy + Margot Venison Chew Sticks

Billy + Margot Beef Liver Bites

Billy + Margot Beef Liver Bites

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Hurtta Trail Harness

The versatile Hurtta Trail Harness is great for hiking, trekking and outdoor activities with your dog.

The impressive looking harness has an ergonomically padded chest piece as well as adjustable collar, chest and waist straps.

The design of the harness takes the structure of the dog into account and provides ample freedom of movement while allowing you to control and help your dog with challenging terrain.

Also fitted with high quality 3M reflectors to improve the dog’s visibility in the dark and in rough weather.

Hurtta Trail Harness

Hurtta Trail Harness

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Natural Instinct Frozen Raw Dog Food

We’ve always prided ourselves on providing as many options as possible to give your dog a healthy, natural diet. With this in mind we’re now stocking a new range of high meat content raw dog food!


The Natural Instinct range offers a wide variety of flavours including mixes and single source protein complete meals.


Natural Instinct a look in freezer

The Working Dog range from Natural Instinct

With a large selection of bones, treats and chews as well, Natural Instinct promises to be a great addition to our ever increasing range of frozen raw dog food.


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Natures Menu Mighty Mixers

Mighty Mixer biscuits are a wholesome blend of oats, fresh vegetables & superfoods. Designed to be the perfect complement to a dog’s raw diet, they also make a great healthy snack or treat!


While raw meat can provide dogs with all of the nutrients they need, a complementary mixer provides an additional healthy crunch to meals.


These Mighty Mixers are ideal for sensitive dogs and come in two meaty flavours, Turkey & Oats and Salmon & Potatoes.

Salmon & Potatoes

Turkey & Oats


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Pet Munchies 100% Natural Dog Treats

Pet Munchies is a UK based company which prides itself on making gourmet, 100% natural dog treats.


Some dog treats have to be enhanced with artificial flavours to make them more appealing to dogs. Pet Munchies however naturally enhance their flavour by slow roasting the meat in its own juices. This retains all of the meat’s natural nutritional value and makes it irresistible to dogs!


Dogs have a particularly well developed sense of smell and Pet Munchies are specially made to stimulate a dog’s nose.


​​​​​​​Natural snacks are a perfect supplement to the daily diet of a dog. They can be given as training rewards or just as a treat!


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Pet Munchies Chicken Twists

Pet Munchies Chicken Twists

Orijen Tundra

Orijen are known for their high meat content foods and Tundra is no exception.


85% meat, 15% fruit and vegetables and 0% grain mirrors the diet a wolf would thrive on in the wild. Even though years of breeding has made dogs look very different from their wolf ancestors, their digestive system has remained the same.


In the wild a wolf would benefit from an assortment of different meats. This variety is often lost in conventional dog foods where as Orijen Tundra contains a rich diversity of biologically appropriate meats.

Orijen Tundra

Orijen Tundra

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Cooper & Co – British Made Grain Free Dog Food

Cooper & Co was started so that the founder’s dog (Cooper) was sure to be fed a balanced diet of the finest quality ingredients.


Cooper & Co has joined our ever expanding range of great quality, grain free dog food. It’s all made in Britain with the finest quality, highly digestible ingredients.


Cooper & Co.

The Cooper & Co. Range

With recipes specially formulated for active dogs, puppies, sensitive and fussy dogs you’re sure to find what’s right for your dog in this new range!

Seren-um Drops & Tablets

Does your four legged friend suffer from separation anxiety? Many dogs do get very anxious and often destructive when left alone or unsupervised.


Serene-um drops & tablets are specially formulated with natural ingredients to soothe hyperactive or nervous cats and dogs.


They are ideal for keeping pets calm and relaxed during thunderstorms or fireworks, separation anxiety, travel anxiety or even traffic noises.


Serene-um works without inducing a sedative effect so your pet will remain awake and alert without getting anxious.

Serene-um Drops

Serene-um Drops

Serene-um Tablets

Serene-um Tablets